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Welcome to my blog, I'm so glad you decided to stop by! I like to call myself a Lifestyle Blogger, since I cover so much in my writing. However, I tend to focus mostly on street-fashion and beauty. On the main page you will find all my blog posts, I definitely don't take myself too seriously, so I try to keep all my posts lighthearted and funny. Hope you have a nice stay!



Welcome to my first blog post!

I’m super excited to share a little look into my life and what inspires me.



So a couple weeks ago, I travelled to Florida with one of my closest and dearest friends, Kaily Mae. I was ecstatic, because she had invited me to the #BlogHer 2017 conference in Orlando! The conference was fascinating and full of incredibly helpful creative marketing tips (you know the real nerdy stuff, that I geek out on). Not only did I meet some really sweet ladies from all over the country, but I witnessed the badassery that is Serena freaking Williams, made a day trip out to Disney World, and of course, had some much needed girl time with Kaily.


Here’s a quick peek at our trip to Orlando:



Now, as you’ll see, our trip wasn’t all work. We also had a lot of fun.

Our journey started off a little rocky. After arriving at the airport, we learned that our flight had been delayed 5 hours. Then, I get to the TSA PreCheck line (if you don’t have TSA PreCheck and you’re a frequent flyer, it will save you hours), only to realize it wasn’t listed on my boarding pass. Not a problem, the wait through security was only 30 minutes. After a 2 and a half hour flight, we touched down safely in Orlando. However, when we finally made it to the hotel, I discovered that someone at the airport had broken into my suitcase during our 5-hour delay. Not only did it appear that every one of my belongings had been rummaged through (literally everything), I was now missing my most handy, and stylish, fanny pack (yes, fanny packs can be stylish), as well as one of my favorite workout shirts. Seriously? I’m going to just assume they too, really like Lululemon. Regardless, I still have my health, and we arrived safely, which is most important. It could have been worse than being down a few, easily replaceable, possessions.


On our first full day in Orlando, we made our way to Disney World since the BlogHer Conference sessions started later in the day. This was my first time seeing Disney World through adult eyes, and let me tell you… it’s still magical. The last time I stood at the gates looking up at Cinderella’s Castle, I was very young. The sight sent shock waves of nostalgia and déjà vu through my consciousness. One of the new, exciting aspects of visiting Disney World in 2017 was that we were able to download the Disney World app (gotta love technology). We were able to book Fast Pass times, check wait times for different rides, keep a gallery of all our photos*, reserve a table at one of the many dining locations, and much more, all with the touch of a screen.

*Please note, all the pictures taken at the park by Disney’s professional photographers will cost you an arm, a leg, and your first born child - aka $14.95 for one picture, $59 for all the pictures taken one day, or $199 for all pictures of you taken at Disney World. I’m struggling to justify buying a $15 picture of myself, that I’m not even sure I like because of the absurdly inconvenient Disney watermark obstructing my face.

Now, if you take anything away from this post, please let it be this: download the Disney World app before you go, and seriously plan your day ahead of time, or you’ll look like a couple of lost sheep struggling from dehydration (basically what Kaily and I looked like - but we were, like, cute lost sheep).


The next couple of days at the BlogHer conference went incredibly well. Kaily and I carefully planned out which breakout sessions sparked our interest, as well as what sessions we could use in our daily work life. Here are a few of the sessions I particularly enjoyed: You Can Travel the World Right Now, Improve Your Video Skills & Production Value, Caregiving, Including How to Integrate Self-Care Into Your Mix of Responsibilities, SEO, and 100 Million Views & Counting: Secrets to Building Huge Facebook Traffic. There were so many interesting topics, but only so much time. Although I unfortunately missed out on a few awesome speakers because of scheduling conflicts, the conference was an immense success. I benefited tremendously from attending, and I’m excited for next year.






I appreciate you taking the time to visit my new blog, I hope it's full of beautiful inspiration.

- Haleigh Belle





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