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Embroiderette’s Bad & Boujee Tee

Embroiderette’s Bad & Boujee Tee

Being my first blog post of the new year, it wouldn’t be right without opening with salutations for the new year. So here it goes…

Happy New Year!

Do you feel more gleefully blessed for the new year? I certainly do… (lol, jokes).

It’s certainly been a minute since my last blog post, and truthfully, I can only chalk that up to adulting is hard AF, and sometimes life really gets incredibly busy and overwhelming. It’s a constant balancing act, for sure.

At the beginning of each year, most people see it as a new chapter in life. Making vows to change their life for the better. Now, this isn’t going to be some sappy, obligatory blog post reciting how I will start a new diet, exercise more, spend less–save more, or some other typical New Year’s resolution. If you want to know my 2019 New Year’s Resolution, you can find it here. No, this post is about my love and obsession for fun, graphic t-shirts.

I think I’ve touched on this lightly in the past, but I’m coming in with a full blog post on a staple of the iconic basic tee (or the graphic tee, if you will).

If you take a look in my closet, first and foremost you will notice how OCD I am about color and organization, secondly you will notice that I am in no shortage of soft, comfy, casual, chic, basic tees. I’m a sucker for those basic tees and graphic tees, and I want to share with you a new favorite of mine, that I’m currently obsessed with.

Meet the Bad & Boujee shirt from my favorite Etsy shop Embroiderette!


I’m all about that basic/graphic tee life. I love how you can take something as simple as a t-shirt and dress it up (or down… your preference) and make it your own. And in my own humble opinion, I love the look of a simple tee paired with something edgy (like a black leather jacket) or delicate (like a skirt) – just the complete opposite of a simple t-shirt, to really make the whole outfit stand out. Similar to relationships when they say opposites attract, it works here in this case as well.

Honing in on my bad & boujee vibes, I paired this “basic” tee with my favorite black leather jacket, over-the-knee-boots, and show-stoppin sunnies. Pairing this look with simple skinny jeans makes for the perfect day-to-night look. Switch it up by swapping out your jeans for a stylish skirt to go for a more bold, yet feminine look. There are endless ways to style a fun basic tee!

Find me on Instagram @HaleighBelle and drop me a comment telling me your thoughts on basic t-shirts & how you like to dress them up or down. I’d love to see all your looks! Also, be sure to check out Embroiderette on Etsy and Instagram!

Photos taken by the one and only Emilie with Emilie Anne Photography.

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