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Earth Tones & Festival Vibes

Earth Tones & Festival Vibes

With a blink of an eye, we are already halfway through the month of September and 2018 is more than halfway over!

Not to mention, we are one day closer to the first day of fall — one of my favorite seasons of the year! But before we get to fall, we still have plenty of warm days ahead of us here in Texas. And tbh, even after the official start of fall we still have a whole month of warm summer-like days.

One of the many things we have to look forward to here in Austin, are the multitude of festivals coming up, the main one being ACL!

As a festival-goer, and local Austinite, I have come up with some of my best festival going tips to help you in your festival preparation days as well as on the day (or week/weekend) of the festival.

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Tip #1: Pack Your Backpack With Essentials.

This is pretty much a given, but if you typically carry around a purse, ditch that and go for the backpack. It’s so much easier to carry your belongings on your back as opposed to something slung over your shoulder. With that, don’t over pack your backpack. Pack the essentials (whoa, that should be like, the title, or something). Pack water bottles or empty reusable bottles you can fill up.  Each festival is different, so check the rules first, but at ACL, you’re allowed to bring in 2 sealed water bottles per person. At most festivals, you can easily find water stations around the festival grounds to refill your water bottles throughout the festival. Be sure to also pack: portable chargers, sunglasses, a rain poncho or rain jacket (if the weather calls for it), towel or blanket, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, zippy bag (aka ziplock bag) for your electronics to keep them organized and to keep them from getting wet.

Tip #2: Download Any Apps Pertaining to the Festival.

Here in Austin, ACL has its own app and it is a lifesaver, when planning out what performances you are wanting to see and where they are located within Zilker Park. Downloading apps ahead of time will save you a lot of heartache (and most importantly battery life). Most apps include a map of the festival grounds, as well as the schedule, so you can star or mark your must-see bands. Be sure to make a game plan of each day with your S.O. or group of friends, as well as a meet up place if you get separated. Keep in mind that cell service and wifi is incredibly spotty at most festivals, even at the booths that advertise “free wifi.” With that in mind, make sure to screenshot the map, as well as the schedule, viewing the screenshots in your phone’s photo album uses far less battery than running the app all day.

Tip #3: Link Your Debit/Credit Card to Your Festival Wristband or Smartphone Wallet.

You have a lot on your mind and a lot to keep up with, like your drunk friend who keeps wandering off, so the last thing you need to keep track of is your debit/credit card. Link that bad boy to your wristband (your CC not your drunk friend… though that might not be a bad idea) and pay for everything with the tap of your wrist or your smartphone.

Tip #4: Wear Good Shoes & Comfy Clothes.

Yes, yes, yes, I get it. We all want to look cute and give off those picture-perfect-festival-vibes but trust me when I say your feet are going to thank you at the end of the day if you wear your comfy shoes. And when I say comfy, you don’t have to go looking like you just rolled out of bed with your slippers on. There are still plenty of ways to dress festival-chic all while being incredibly comfy. However, if the rolled-outta-bed look is your thing, you do you!

Tip #5: Have fun!

You’re at a music festival for goodness sake, let your – literal or metaphorical – hair down!

Let me know if you have any great festival tips! Find me on IG at @HaleighBelle and send me a comment letting me know!

Photos taken by the one and only Madeline with Madeline Harper Photography.

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