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Ready for Summer in All Black

Ready for Summer in All Black

Are we even surprised I’m in all black… again? Haha, nope!


There’s nothing more festive than an all-black ensemble the week after the US of A’s birthday (aka the 4th of July). Okay, I’m completely kidding. IMHO, there’s nothing less festive than an all-black ensemble lol… I mean, 3 cheers for the red, white, and blue… right? Right! I’m just over here livin my best life, and that consists of this gorgeous all black romper.


This is one of my most fav jumpsuits. I wear it all the time. Why is it my favorite, you ask? Well, first off, it's so incredibly flattering on all body types — plus it’s a neutral, and a solid color, which in other words means Unlimited Styling Options. This perfect jumpsuit basically opens a whole world of imagination for me. I’m able to mix and match pieces and accessories with this to create a new look every time, and it’s all thanks to good individual pieces that I can mix and match. So this time, it’s all black — my personal fav. Need proof? See examples 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.


I like to consider myself a fashion-chameleon. I find pieces that are comfy but versatile so that I can wear regardless of the style and/or statement I’m trying to make. Essentially, I need my clothing pieces and accessories to mold with me.


Check me out as I’m channeling my inner Stevie Nicks…


Jumper (similar) | Bralette | Cardigan (similar) | Belt | Backpack  
Sunglasses | Necklace #1 | Necklace #2 | Heels (similar)


I’ve really been obsessed with jumpsuits and rompers lately, so when I find a good versatile piece, I’m quick to snatch it up. This one is made from that ultra-comfy, cozy, stretchy fabric that basically makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in 1,000 count Egyptian cotton, collected from virgin unicorn hairs… aka that good microfiber fabric. Also, please note: no unicorns were harmed in the making of this jumpsuit.


This jumpsuit had all the elements I love in my clothing pieces:
— versatility
— comfiness
— a v-neckline
— high waisted (for that sultry hourglass-look)
— and a solid, neutral piece


I layered this jumpsuit with a lacey bralette, and a fun festival-vibin cardigan featuring all the fringe and tassels in the world, my fav go-to black vegan leather backpack, and a stylish gold and black belt.


I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d with this jumpsuit! What are your thoughts on jumpsuits? Do you love ‘em? Do you hate ‘em? I would love to hear your thoughts! Find me on IG @HaleighBelle and send me a comment letting me know.

Photos taken by the one and only Madeline with Madeline Harper Photography.

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Overall Obsession

Overall Obsession

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