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Overall, I'm Really Diggin These Overalls

Overall, I'm Really Diggin These Overalls

Hope you enjoyed the punny title of this blog post lol!


I’m going to just jump right in and admit that I am obsessed with these overalls. I’ve been eyeing overalls all over the ‘Gram lately, and I’ve been so desperate to try this style out to see if I like it, and spoiler alert: I am in love *insert heart emoji.* Before this, the last time I can remember wearing overalls was when I was a little kid, and tbh even those memories I have are based off of childhood pictures I’ve seen. Kinda like you don’t remember something until you see a picture of it, or you, and then it jogs your memory? Yeah, like that. So, needless to say… it’s been a whole minute since I last wore the hottest 90s trend.


Come to find out, a lot has changed since I last wore overalls. We’ve seen many history-defining fashion trends such as all velvet tracksuits (either Juicy Couture brand or knock offs — also, somewhat making a comeback), Von Dutch hats, yellow Livestrong bracelets, butterfly hair clips (somewhat making a comeback), and those stretchy popcorn shirts just to name a few. Other things that have changed since the last time I wore overalls… um for one, I’ve grown at least a foot and a half lol.


Enjoy these pictures of me rockin these new overalls, a whole 18-inches taller than the last time I wore a pair.



Overalls | Lace Top | Earrings | Necklace 1 | Necklace 2 | Necklace 3 |
Wedges | Clutch | Sunglasses 


This whole outfit is giving me retro Woodstock vibes, and I’m living for it! This is such a fun spring-to-summery look! I had so much fun piecing together this outfit because I already had a lot of these items. Essentially, I was just adding in the overalls to bring what could have been a basic lacey-top with jeans (still a look that is iconically-cute in its own right) a lot of fun and flair with the overalls.


Tbh, I was a little worried as to how overalls would look on me. Would the torso area be too short? Am I going to look like a beet-farmer (no offense, Dwight #OfficeReference)? Like there are so many unknowns happening! Luckily my dear friend had just bought a pair, and after a long text thread about overalls in general, I decided to try her overalls on just to see how this style was going to look on me. And… Oh. My. Goodness! To me they looked absolutely adorable, and I knew I had to buy a pair for myself.


I found these, and loved where it hit on my waist, almost like a high-waisted pair of jeans… with a little extra fabric. The deep v-neckline was also a plus because I personally wanted to avoid looking too “utility,” and I wanted more “feminine.” Not to mention, I just honestly prefer a v-neckline, I believe it’s one of the most flattering necklines on my body. As for the leg shape, I was torn between a couple of styles… skinny leg and wide leg. Obviously, you can tell which leg style I ended up going with. I’m definitely not opposed to skinny jeans. I’d bet the farm that my pant collection is about 85% skinny jeans. However, for me and my vision of how I would wear overalls, I definitely leant in the direction of retro, so for me, that meant going with the wider leg. And tbh, this is easily one of my most favorite looks! If you’re on the fence about trying overalls, I would tell you to give them a try! It’s a fun “new” take on denim that switches things up a bit!


I am living for these overalls, are you? I would love to hear your thoughts on overalls and if this is a look you are rockin, or if it’s a look you will pass on! Find me on IG @HaleighBelle and send me a comment letting me know! I would love to see y’all’s personal style!

Photos taken by the one and only Madeline with Madeline Harper Photography.

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