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Navy & White Stripes

Navy & White Stripes

I love mixing and matching color palettes (and let’s be real, patterns and textures too), but there’s something that feels so right about classic color combinations. For me, the color combination of navy and white always feels like a classic.

Speaking of things that feel so right, here are a few other examples that give off those satisfying vibes:

  • Having a margarita with your chips and salsa.
  • NOT losing a sock in the dryer and being able to match them all up perfectly.
  • Listening to your favorite song and belting it out — if that’s your thing.
  • Lying in bed listening to the rain and snuggling under the covers.
  • Finding money in your pocket (or purse or wherever) that you had forgotten about.
  • Fresh sheets on the bed.
  • The smell of fresh air atop a mountain — and/or the smell of saltwater at the beach.
  • A breathtaking view.
  • A good hair day, and then seeing everyone you’ve ever known and them noticing how BA your hair looks.


Okay, the list goes on, and seriously thinking up ideas has been so incredibly peaceful. Mental note – definitely going to do that more often.

Alright, enough of my meditative-vibes, and back to the navy and white striped dress…


Dress | Earrings (similar) | Boots | Clutch (similar)


As you probably already know, I’m making a point to wear more dresses this year — a goal I’ve just recently set for myself. So, when I found this dress at my local Targé, I was immediately like “yes, and sold.” Side note: If you’ve ever been hesitant to buy clothes at Target, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and say to yourself “I will be open-minded.” Despite what you may think about the clothes sold at Target, the store itself has really upped its game and now carries some really nice brands, for an affordable price. I always love when Target teams up with a brand I’m obsessed with, because I can get some beautiful, nice-quality pieces for a fraction of the price. Also, shout out to the home section at Target — I love you too! Anyways, back to the dress… it's super cute. It has a classic color combination, iconic stripe, beautiful off-the-shoulder neckline (you know I’m a sucker for that neckline),and edgy asymmetrical hemline — all those elements had me weak in the knees over this dress. 

I do love the iconic navy and white color combination (though you can also snag this dress in a black & white option too). It's a perfect spring to summer type dress that you can easily wear to any event. I mean, any event. Dress it up and wear it to a wedding, date night, cocktail party, or dress it down and wear it to the farmer’s market, the beach, the office, or brunch. I mean seriously, I love how versatile this dress is, and how you can basically wear it everywhere depending on how you accessorize it. As you can see here, I paired it with my white booties and white drop Kendra Scott earrings, perfect for a day at the office or bunch with the girls, add a light jacket for those crisp spring/summer nights, and I have the perfect date night outfit. Sometimes I don’t have the time or the energy to change or plan out a new outfit, so it’s nice having options that can work with you from day-to-night.

Find me on Instagram @HaleighBelle and tell what your favorite color combinations are that give off those feel-so-right vibes. I’m super curious, so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


 Photos taken by the one and only Madeline with Madeline Harper Photography.

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