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Beatn’ the Summer Heat: Watermelon Top & Black Shorts

Beatn’ the Summer Heat: Watermelon Top & Black Shorts

I don’t know about you, but the past couple of months have been super stressful — in the sense that everything and all-the-things are happening all the time, every day, and every weekend. But that’s life, #Adulting. Some of the things that have really been getting me through each week (besides the obvious of my hubby, dog, friends, and a glass of wine) are: 1) the Royal Wedding that took place last weekend (yes, I am one of those people who are obsessed with real-life fairy tales, and still living off the high of the Royal Wedding), AND 2) The fact that we have a long weekend coming up — here’s lookin at you Memorial Day Weekend! Cheers to the good life!


So, if you’re living in Austin… or Texas in general — heck, anywhere in the Southern part of the US, you know it gets hot during the summer (and tbh, it’s probably already starting to warm up wherever you are now). And as I mentioned before, I’m having to switch my thought process of dressing for a lovely Spring day to dealing with oven-like temperatures with splashes of muggy, humid weather here in Austin. Oh no, I’m not complaining… *insert rolling eyes emoji* Side note, I was walking my lil babe of a dog this week, and at one point during our walk he looked up at me, we locked eyes, and his soul told my soul “soooo… I’m like sups hot” (pronounced sōōps = abbreviation for “super”). ANYWAYS, I looked back at him and my soul told his soul: “same, bro… same.” There is nothing that fills my heart more, than knowing that my dog and I are on the same page, and both of us are not fans of this Texas heat lol! With that said, my goal *each year* is to beat the Texas heat!

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Not all of us have easy access to swimming pools, lakes, rivers, or beaches — which, let’s be real, those are the obvious ways to stay cool during the summer. But as an actual adult, working an actual job, I’m not paid to swim or float the river all day (BUT if you’re looking for someone to hire to do just that, look no further than ME! lol). In the meantime, check out some of my personal summer tips below that I use to stay cool all summer long.


1. Buy fruit and freeze it to make mini, healthy, snackable popsicles! A favorite of mine are frozen grapes! Just lay them out on a plate or tray and pop them in the freezer overnight and you have instant grab-and-go fruit-pops!

2. Invest in a good travel-water bottle that will keep your water and your pupper’s water cool all day long! These are my favorites.

3. Get a damp towel or (cooling bandanna like this one), place in freezer or cooler (30 minutes+), then place on the back of your neck or on your fur baby to keep cool. They also make a cooling pad for dogs to enjoy!

4. Invest in good sun protection, aka sunblock (psssst… life hack: buy the kind that says cooling mist on the bottle), hat, sunglasses, cooling gel Aloe Vera, etc.

5. Take a cold shower. Imma be honest here, this truly isn’t my cup of tea, but this is what my husband does to cool off and it certainly works for him! Worth a try, if you’re a brave soul.

6. Buy your pupper some booties to protect their feet from hot pavement and sidewalks. True, this isn’t necessarily for you, per say, but doesn’t taking care and providing for your innocent lil fur baby bring so much joy to your life? I know it does for me.

7. Wear breathable clothes, or clothing that will wick sweat. The shirt I’m wearing is incredibly light and breathable. Because it’s loose fitting, I’m not drenched in sweat with a shirt stuck to my back — ew! Opt for more organic, cotton blends for more breathable clothing options.  

8. Get yo self a mini fan and take that bad boy with you on all the hikes/walks you and your doggo make this summer!

9. And the best tactic to beat the heat…(drumroll)…stay indoors where it's cool. Ideal places other than your home: restaurants, movie theaters (always, always cold), freezer section of grocery stores, froyo or ice cream shops, indoor malls (yes, they still exist), museums, and indoor concert halls.


I hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day Weekend! Find me on Instagram @HaleighBelle and send me a comment telling me your go-to summer look and hot you beat the summer heat. I’m super curious, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Photos taken by the one and only Madeline with Madeline Harper Photography.

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