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Bodak Yellow — Or Gold

Bodak Yellow — Or Gold

Bodak yellow… or gold… or whatever. I say bodak yellow, cause I’m here to keep everyone up-to-date on hip-hop lyrics and song titles. But really the dress I’m blogging about today is more gold in color, or mustard, but I don’t want to call it “mustard” in color, because that sounds like I spilled something on my dress. And for the record, I’m going on 10 days straight without spilling something on myself. It’s the little victories in life that matter.

So whatever shade of yellow you want to call this dress (bodak yellow, gold, mustard, lemon, honey, canary, amber, saffron), bottom line is: it’s a dress — but not just any dress. Before I get into all the bells and whistles that this dress has, let’s take a quick look at this gorgeous number.

Dress | Heels (similar) | Clutch | Necklace | Earrings | Bracelet (similar)


Goodness, I love this dress! It makes me look and feel like a living, breathing golden globe trophy.

I’m going to have to say, this is now one of my favorite dresses. True, I probably can’t get away with wearing this dress to the office. I’d probs walk in and everyone would think “who knew golden globe trophies had a day job?” Okay, all jokes aside, this dress is definitely more suited for a date night, a girls’ night, a wedding, a club social, or some other semi-formal event. However, if you did want to wear this dress to something more casual, there are ways to appropriately pair accessories, shoes, and such to make this dress a little more casual. Still, I don’t think this is something I would personally wear to my office. I mean, every time I wear a dress to my office everyone seems to make a comment — like yes, I’m wearing a dress. Haven’t you seen a dress before? Maybe that’s why I don’t wear dresses very often, because I work in a male-dominated industry. Alllllllllright, before I get too off track with my side rant about male/female dress code in the workplace, back to the dress itself.


This golden beauty, is serious dress goals. It makes everyone wearing it look fierce AF. Not to mention it’s got the major side-slit detail going on, and it’s got the coveted cold-shoulder element going on. I mean what's not to love? Plus, it comes in a gorgeous shade of bodak yellow — or gold, if you will.

One thing I love about this shade of yellow, is that it looks stunning with turquoise! And I had just the perfect accessories to achieve the gold + turquoise look. I paired this dress with some of my favorite blue heels that I snagged for a steal of a price at an Austin-local boutique, and Kendra Scott just released a gorgeous line of gold and turquoise pieces this past February. The jewelry pieces have a more modern cut and style to them, which I love, and the pieces themselves are incredibly versatile. I’ve also been a huge fan of the embroidery trend and thought this clutch would be a great added pop of color that also ties together the gold and the turquoise colors within the embroidery detail.  


Find me on Instagram @HaleighBelle and tell me what shade of yellow you would name this dress? I would also love to know your thoughts on wearing dresses to work! I’m super curious. Anyways! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend — and cheers to it being Friday!


Photos taken by the one and only Madeline with Madeline Harper Photography.

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