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2018 Spring Trends

2018 Spring Trends

Spring is officially upon us.

For those of us in the Greater Austin Area, this means trees will shed their leaves (aka the first fall of the year lol), pollen will fill the air (and essentially turn everyone’s car a vibrant shade of lime green), bluebonnets will spring up everywhere  (you’re guaranteed to see people and families taking those iconic “bluebonnet photos”), and most importantly, nicer weather!

But enough about the weather forecast, let's talk about the fashion forecast.


Satin, Tulle, Lace and Sheer Fabrics


Stripes, Bold Check Prints, Mega Mixed Prints (with 60s flare)



Lavender, Lavender, Lavender… oh and Saturated Hues and Muted Pastels
While millennial pink had its moment, or should we say moments, shades of soft lavender will be popping up everywhere. Lavender tops, pants, shoes, accessories, hair… just go ahead and paint the town lavender. Also, with 60s inspired bold prints making a statement this year, expect to see more saturated tones and muted pastels this spring. Long gone are the days of colorless wardrobes, and we are living in the days of vibrant pops of color.


Check out my take of mixing lavender, with a sheer lacey top. Perfect for Easter! 

Top (similar) | Bralette | Skirt | Heels | Purse (similar) | Necklace | Earrings 


Trench Coats, Belted Coats, Parkas and Windbreakers
It comes as no surprise that the Trench Coat is making itself into a fashion staple, as we’ve been seeing this coming from a mile away. However, a new fresh take on the Trench Coat is a big hit this season. Be on the lookout for contemporary trench coats, belted and/or cinching trench coat wait lines, sleeveless silhouettes, and striking new Trench Coat fabrics.

Dresses & Skirts:
Asymmetrical Skirts and Dresses, Overall dresses.

High-Waist Trousers/Pants, Long Shorts, & Fancy, Decorated Pants and Jeans
Check out my blog post here about bold, decorated pants. 

Waist-Cinching High-Rise Everything, Fringe, Sparkle
Accentuating one’s waist is in (and tbh, who doesn’t want to show off their gorgeous bod? Body positivity!), so you will see a lot of high-waist pants and skirts this season. Sparkle is definitely in! No, not like NYE kinda-sparkle. Yes, there is a difference. This year’s Spring Sparkle is in a more subtler way, bringing to life glimmer and shine into everyday silhouettes and pieces. Fringe is also making a huge statement this season. Not like festival-fringe, think more along the lines of fashion-forward-fringe. Designers are bringing in fringe sparingly on accessories and accent pieces, while some are going bold with technicolor and layers. This is your year, Fringe.

White Shoes, Kitten Heels, Woven Flats.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing white shoes all over the place, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Kitten heels and Woven Flats are making a strong appearance as well this Spring. Bonus points if you find white, woven, kitten-heeled flats. Jokes.

Short Suit Sets, Modern Romance, Classic Flight Suit-Jumpers
Expect to see short, sexy, feminine suit sets. Bringing to life the boring pant suit, but with a modern twist. Another fun clothing theme we will be seeing this spring is the classic flight suit as a jumper. You’ll see a more modern, boyfriend-style take on the jumper. As for modern romance inspired clothes, be on the lookout for soft, romantic florals, billowy sleeves, and corseted waists.

Bucket Bags (especially the mini ones), Geometric Earrings & Jewelry


I hope you enjoyed clicking through my Spring Trend picks, cause I certainly had fun selecting them all for you! Find me on Instagram @HaleighBelle and drop me a comment telling me what spring trends you are most excited about. What trends are you ready to pass on? I would love to know your thoughts!

Photos taken by the one and only Emilie with Emilie Anne Photography.


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Going Bold in Red & Pink

Going Bold in Red & Pink

Blue Ruffle Skirt

Blue Ruffle Skirt