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Mrs. Hot Pants

Mrs. Hot Pants

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing, and safe holiday break. I know I did.


So far, 2018 is off to a good start – granted its only day 5 of the new year – but it still looks promising.

January is the birth month of New Year’s resolutions (and, usually, February is the month for them to die… but that’s for another blog on another day). I know many people are deeply devoted to their New Year’s resolution, whatever it may be. As for me, I wouldn’t consider my “New Year's resolution” to be a “New Year’s resolution,” but more like a dedicated lifestyle that I choose to live out daily. And it just so happens that this not-so-new-year’s-resolution-resolution has continued to stretch from year to year. What is this not-so-new-year’s-resolution-resolution you ask? Well, it’s to live a beautiful, happy, healthy lifestyle. Super vague, I know. But that’s the beauty in living this lifestyle for so long – it’s able to change and harmonize, if you will, to where I am at in my life now.

For some, eating right or exercising is enough. For me, it is not. Living a beautiful, happy, healthy lifestyle is about all wellness. Body, mind, spirit, relationships with others, and the relationship with one’s self. These are just a few things that incorporate living a beautiful, happy, healthy lifestyle.

This may sound like a typical 20-something blog post about finding yourself, and you’re not wrong with that assumption, but it’s also about learning, understanding, cultivating, creating, empathy, communication, love, forgiveness, happiness, and balance. Finding the beauty – not just surface level beauty, but raw beauty in the world, in others, and in oneself.

It’s a long journey, and it has never been easy. But the hills and the valleys of this journey all make living this life worthwhile.
And I have to remind myself of that daily.


Okay, on a lighter note, I have challenged myself to go bold or go home with my fashion. And tbh, sometimes I just go home… and sit in my yogies with my dog… BUT other times I go bold! Like now with these fun, red, crop pants:

Top (similar) | Pants | Shoes | Purse | Belt (similar)


Going for a more classy look, this outfit is a great versatile look that you can easily wear to the office, Sunday brunch, or on a fun date night.

The black and white printed top is a piece I’ve had in my closet for a few seasons now, and it’s always a fun top to wear that adds that extra bit of texture and pattern to any outfit. Here with the bold red pants it adds a playfulness to the outfit that doesn’t take it overboard. Now, looking back through these photos, this whole outfit feels like it is vibing 101 Dalmatians… live action movie, not the cartoon. Are you getting that vibe too? No? Just me? Maybe I’m just subconsciously thinking about the Dalmatian I saw at the dog park this week... Okay, enough talk about my off-topic dog thoughts.
Circling back on topic. This outfit really mixes some old with new pieces. Imma just go ahead and tell you the oldest piece here is the vintage belt that I found at a thrift store here in Austin. As for the newest addition, it’s… you guessed it, the pants.

The pants themselves are super soft, stretchy, and incredibly comfortable! I’ve always been wary about crop pants due to my height, or lack thereof. However, these crops hit at just the right ankle-height and paired with a good shoe, you’re all set to go in the pants of your derrière’s dreams.


What is your New Year’s resolution this year? What are your thoughts on bold pants? Find me on IG @HaleighBelle, and drop me a comment letting me know!


Photos taken by the one and only Brandon with Brandon Hill Photography.

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Boss Babe: LBD

Boss Babe: LBD

Happy [Almost] New Years: LBD!

Happy [Almost] New Years: LBD!