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Stay Boujee My Friends

Stay Boujee My Friends

I feel like the millennial version of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy would for sure swap out “stay classy” for “stay boujee,” don’t you agree?


Hahaha… Anyways!


Do you ever have one of those statement pieces that make you feel extra boujee??

Ever since early fall, I’ve been seeing gorgeous *faux* fur coats everywhere (keeping it faux up in hurr, because we are friends of the animals). Wearing fur isn't a new concept, seeing as wearing fur dates back to the Stone Age when mankind first needed to keep warm by using animal hides. Granted, we’ve evolved since then, and so has our taste in fashion… and skills and materials… yet, every year I see these gorgeous faux fur coats and every year I want one. So, I finally caved and bought one.

Selecting just the right color and style coat was hard, but then again, it was also incredibly easy. I realized, from my IG feed, that all pictures of fur coats I had liked were very much street-style aesthetic, featuring all neutrals with the iconic leopard print.


Warning, personal opinions up ahead…


Tbh, I have a love-hate relationship with leopard print. Lemme explain. You can slap leopard print on just about anything. I’ve seen this pattern covering clothes, accessories, furniture, home decor items, wallpaper, and almost everything else you could potentially put a pattern on. Now here’s where it gets tricky, if the style or the color is wrong, you can take something so iconic and classy and make it… well, trashy-looking. This is just my personal opinion on the beloved pattern.

Regardless of my thoughts and feelings on other types of leopard print, when I found this faux fur jacket I fell in love immediately. I have never felt more boujee in my life strutting around in this vegan leopard printed coat. I mean, see for yourself:


As you can see, I paired my vegan fur, leopard-printed jacket with a solid black dress, a lacey bralette, a faux red fur clutch, and matching red velvet pumps. I have definitely been low key obsessed with the bralette trend. It makes those embarrassing bra slip-ups something more like a blatant-intentional-statement-piece. I would categorize the bralette look as: “Ohh wait, is that attached to the dress… or no? Or yes? Wait, I’m confused.” … See what I mean! You wouldn’t have known it wasn’t the dress if I hadn’t told you.

As for the dress itself, it’s made from an incredibly soft fabric. So soft that after you put it on, you are questioning if this is the full-body comfort you would get if yoga pants became a dress? And the answer is yes.


What do you think of the showing bralette look? Do you have a statement piece(s) that gets you feeling extra boujee? What are your thoughts on leopard print?  Find me on IG @HaleighBelle and drop me a comment letting me know!

Photos taken by the one and only Brandon with Brandon Hill Photography.

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