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RIP Yoga Pants & My Dancing Career

RIP Yoga Pants & My Dancing Career

Can you believe it's August already? My goodness, it seems as though this year has flown by! It’s going to be autumn before we know it, and honestly I’m one hundo p (for those who aren't down with the lingo, that's 100%) okay wit it.


Now, before we get to all the insanely cute fall clothes, we still have to beat the heat here in Texas. Hashtag-lame.


For me, in the fall, winter, and early spring I l-o-v-e rocking my yoga pants. Can you blame a girl? And tbh, if heat-strokes weren’t a thing, I would be rockin my yogies all summer long. However, I live in the real world, so that just isn’t possible. (Yes, I nicknamed my yoga pants “yogies,” like the plural form of Yogi the Bear – don’t @ me.)  


So all summer long, I’ve basically been mourning the “loss” of my yogies to the summer heat. HOWEVER – seriously guys, this is huge, I found the most comfortable skirt that is pretty much like wearing yoga pants without the 100+ degree heat-stroke side effect. I repeat, I have found a BA skirt that won’t give you a heat-stroke – I mean, you’ll look hot AF in the skirt, but you won't be hot AF in the skirt. Can I get a W?




This skirt is from Puma, so it has this cute sporty look to it. It’s semi-fitted, and the wrap around detail is incredibly flattering on all body types. The skirt itself is incredibly lightweight and breathable, yet provides full coverage. Since the material is similar to that of yoga pants, you can certainly wear this to the gym for a workout. (I’ve seen ladies on the rack in high heels, squatting several plates – so without a doubt you could workout in this skirt.) This skirt is super versatile, which is a huge bonus, because you can dress it down for a comfy, casual look (like what I’ve done), or you can slip on some cute wedges to instantly have the perfect date-night outfit. I typically like to wear it around the house, out on walks with my pupper, on hikes (easy-moderate hiking trails), work, running errands, shopping, brunch – let's be real, any meal, to the pool, classes… basically everywhere.


Side note: I just saw that they are having a sale on this exact skirt, and you can get it for $29! Win, win!


With the casual look I’m rocking, I paired the skirt with my criss-cross strappy crop top that is also secretly a sports bra, as well as my black and rose gold Nike shoes. Ever since athleisure has been a thing, I feel as though the fashion industry has really upped their game. Sports bras used to be this daunting uni-boob prison, that honestly never provided the support all us ladies needed. When I found this sports bra from none other than The Targé (aka Target), I really expected the same old sports-bra-song-and-dance, but this lil guy came with all the necessities a girl and her ladies need. I love this sports bra so much, that I bought it in 2 colors, a soft, rose pink color and a black color (which is kinda obvious since I’m wearing the black one……… *insert “duh” face emoji*).


I can’t say this is every little girl's dream, but when I was little I so desperately wanted to be a backup dancer for all the mega pop stars and boy bands (i.e. Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child,  *NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys, just to name a few). Some dreams become a reality, some don’t, and… well... that dream didn’t for me (to all the agents out there reading the blog, I still would LOVE to live out that dream, just an FYI). However, my parents were extreme ballers and put me in ballet class. So now that I’m hastag-adulting, every now and then, I like to channel my inner dancer with a super presh top-knot, ballerina bun. Maybe the ballerina bun is a symbol to never give up on your dreams, no matter what age you are? Orrrrrrrrrr, maybe it’s just a super cute hairstyle. Regardless, of the deeper meaning of the ballerina bun, I am really feelin the bun with my look.


Matching the black crop top/sports bra and Nike shoes, I completed this look with my velvet choker and black drusy Kendra Scott studs.


I appreciate you taking the time to visit my new blog! I hope it's brought a little light-hearted joy to your life, and it’s full of beautiful inspiration.

If you’re interested in shopping this look, I’ve posted links below.


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