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Comfy Chic

Comfy Chic

Comfy chic… but mostly comfy.


I’m fortunate enough to work in a city like Austin, because We the People of Austin, like to keep it casual when it comes to business attire. And since I’m a working girl in Austin, keeping my appearance on point is an obvious must, but being comfortable is even more important.

With those two factors in mind (in addition to the fact that I try and mix and match my pieces enough to have a few staples, yet keep things interesting) I end up with fun, inspirational outfits such as this one.


Let's break down this outfit, starting with the cropped jeans.


If you’re allowed to wear ripped jeans in your office, I give you major props, and you can just scroll on past this next paragraph. For the rest of you who are a part of the no-ripped-jeans-at-work club, keep reading…

I love the look of ripped/worn jeans, however, that’s not always practical for office attire. I found these stylish cropped jeans that have the appearance of being ripped, yet have denim fabric patches sewed into them underneath, so I’m not showing any exposed, thigh-high skin at my office. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good breeze, and there’s a time and place to show a little leg, but I’ll save that for outside of work.

Then we have the platform nude wedges, and oh my goodness! These wedges are a gift to the world. I wear these babies everywhere, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. I wear them to work, out shopping, to summer BBQ’s, to the park, to weddings, to the beach, to the pool, to concerts, walking around downtown, heck, I could probably go hiking in these shoes, they are that comfortable. (New goal: go hiking in favorite platform nude wedges just to prove how awesome and versatile they are) I love these shoes so much, that I bought a second pair. The nice thing about wedges is that you aren’t getting your heels stuck in the grass or dirt, and there is less pressure on the balls of your feet. I could rave about how perfect these shoes are all day, but ain’t nobody got time for that.. (haha). Just look for the link below, and you, your feet, and your wardrobe will thank me later.

Now working our way up.

I know I said this before, but I’m not kidding when I say I love a good versatile piece that I can mix and match to create different looks, which is why I quickly fell in love with this olive green, basic v-neck. Minimalist tip: Its that perfect shade of green, you can literally wear it all year and the color looks true to each season. This shade of olive green is perfect, and it’s here to stay… or slay.  

It’s no doubt that bomber jackets are posh, and when I’m feeling bold and edgy I call on this bomber jacket to do work. This jacket has this cute edgy-tomboy-meets-Sporty-Spice-in-the-Queen’s-gardens-for-high-tea feel, and I’m here for it. The modern floral print livens up the bright white, and compliments the olive green tee underneath. This bomber jacket is the perfect Spring-Summer jacket, not only for it’s light-hearted floral print, but because it’s incredibly breathable in the hot Texas weather. Not to mention, you’ll look like a Top Gun Floral Goddess.

To tie this outfit together, I paired it with some of my favorite accessory staples, such as: a woven vegan leather crossbody purse, floral cat eye sunglasses, and the stunning iridescent drusy Kendra Scott necklace and earring set. What’s more boujee than Kendra Scott -- don’t answer that.


If you’re interested in shopping this look, I’ve posted links below.

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Mossimo Women's High Rise Jegging Crop - Mossimo Medium Blue • Mossimo • $29.99
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All White, All White, All White

All White, All White, All White