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Red Velvet

Red Velvet

If you wanna bring some edge to your holiday look, you can never go wrong with a red velvet dress and black fur jacket.

Can I get an Amen? Amen!



I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there, I’m obsessed with this entire look. Down to the very last detail. And on a whole other note, I’m crazy in love with this Kelly Wynne bag.

Speaking of Kelly Wynne – the designer behind the stunna bags – I’m going to tell you a little side story about my homegirl. She ALSO just so happens to be one of the sweetest human beings.

So, one of my dear friends had invited my sister and I to this “thing on Thursday night.” Just like any typical Thursday evening, I was exhausted from the workweek, and just wanted to chill in my yogies. But I had this thing, and I promised I would go. So not asking enough questions, which is a communication fail on my end, I decide the best clothing option for this thing would be yoga pants. I mean, yoga pants are the definition of classy… right? Okay, wrong. But mind you, this is my exhausted brain-logic. So my sister and I, who both of us had just gone to the gym, both in yoga pants, get texted the address for this thing. We show up and find out that this thing is actually the Kelly Wynne boutique birthday party – and everyone is dressed to the 9’s. Everyone, except my sister and I, who showed up in yoga pants. We stood gracelessly outside the boutique debating if we should just bounce, but we didn’t want to stand up our friend who had invited us. So, of course, we ended up going in, and I awkwardly had to meet THE Kelly Wynne, who looked stunning by the way, while I was dressed like I just came from the gym.

Tbh, I think the yoga pants and sweatshirt I was rockin worked to my advantage, because Kelly Wynne definitely remembered me.

Moral of the story, if you’re ever trying to impress someone, just dress like a slob. Just kidding! The last thing I want to get blamed for is someone showing up to a job interview, or some other important event, and said person explains, “well I read this blog that said dress like a gym rat to impress everyone.” No, none of that.

Just know that Kelly Wynne is a super sweet person and go out and buy all of her purses because we like to support good humans over here.


Anyways! Back to the outfit.

For me, living in not-so-cold Austin, I always enjoy winter and the fashion that comes during this season. We don’t have to worry about incredibly harsh winters, nor do we have to dress for them. Except, don’t forget that it snowed in Austin just last week! For winter fashion, everything is usually soft, and cozy. And this outfit delivers when it comes to all the textile fun. I mean, just look at that deep red velvet dress and black fur jacket. Even now, I can feel how incredibly soft and comfortable they are with my eyeballs. Is that weird? Nah.

Like I said before, I love all the details in this look, and I especially love the Kelly Wynne bag. That gorgeous babe of a bag is called Pop the Champagne Satchel, and she is the perfect day-to-day hand bag. She got along great (here we go again with personifying non-living objects) with my favorite sock boots, named Nancy Sinatra. Okay, I’m totally kidding. Yes, the purse and the boots matched great together, but I was poking fun at myself for personifying non-living objects. And lastly if you didn’t get the Nancy Sinatra joke, go look her up. *Insert winky face emoji*


Okay, enough jokes for the day.


Find me on IG @HaleighBelle, and drop me a comment letting me know your favorite winter fashion staple, and favorite winter textiles. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and wonderful holiday.

Photos taken by the one and only Emilie with Emilie Anne Photography.

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