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Fishnets & Ripped Jeans

Fishnets & Ripped Jeans

I honestly, shouldn’t be surprised that it’s 80 degrees in the middle of November. I mean, this is Austin, Texas, for goodness sake.

I was just starting to pull out all my cute winter clothes because a cold front blew in. Little did I know, warm weather was just a couple days behind that. So, now it is 80 degrees, in mid-November… I’m sad I’m not able to bundle up with scarves, gloves, and cozy blankets to watch the snow fall from my front porch. On the bright side, I’m still pumped I can wear my ripped jeans and short sleeve band tees. So, I’ll take it as a win/win.


First and foremost, I am vibing fishnet stockings right now. They are cool, they are edgy, and they certainly add texture to any outfit.


Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans seem to come and go in fashion trends. Some people refuse to spend good money on clothes that are already shredded like grated cheese. Others don’t mind paying high prices for the worn-in, ripped jean look. Some celebrate the retirement of the ripped jean trend. Some thank the fashion gods for bringing the look back. As for me and my preference, I sit right on the fence. Like all fashion trends, when styled correctly, it can look great. I like the distressed jean look. I am one of those people who find it a little too boujee to be spending more than $75 on a pair of jeans that are already ripped. That’s just my opinion, because I can easily trip, fall, and rip jeans myself. Thank you very much.


Regardless of my opinion on the price point I would personally spend on a pair of distressed jeans, I do really like the style, and I think a good pair of ripped jeans can do wonders for an outfit. Insert Kia Shine singing Checkin My Fresh.


I found these ripped mom jeans at none other than Forever 21. What better place to try out a trend to see if you really like it? And I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. I probs won’t be rockin this outfit at my day job, but I have already worn these exact pieces out for a couple of casual date nights, and to a concert. Kate Sanders would probably be mortified and call me an outfit repeater. Lizzie McGuire reference, anyone? Anyone? Okay, moving on.


I am high key obsessed with fishnets. As I have already stated a few paragraphs before this one. More importantly, I’m high key obsessed with the fishnet look peeking out from under garments. Aka layering. If you’re at war with yourself, fishnets are something you should add to your wardrobe, I’m the fishnet-cheerleader here to tell you to at least try it. Maybe even try something simple like fishnet socks peeking out from your boots or heels. It adds a cute little pop that can liven up any outfit.

What are your thoughts on ripped jeans? What are your thoughts on fishnet stockings? I would love to hear your thoughts! Send me a comment on IG @HaleighBelle.


Photos taken by the one and only Madeline with Madeline Harper Photography.

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