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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

I bet you can guess what this blog is going to be about: Gossip Girl. The title basically gives it away, but what you didn’t know is, I’m also talkin Halloween, so keep readin.

In honor of it being the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite tv shows, aka Gossip Girl, as well as it being so close to Halloween, aka 11 days away. I wanted to share with you my beloved Gossip Girl photoshoot I did with my amazing, beautiful friend Kaily Mae.

Kaily and I were roommates freshman year of college. We were glued to the hip, spoke in our own bazaar, made-up language, and watched Gossip Girl religiously. So when Kaily came up with the idea for this photoshoot, it was almost one of those “duh, of course that’s going to be the theme of our photoshoot” situations. Now, full disclaimer - unlike Blair and Serena - Kaily and I have never been NYC socialites, nor have we lived on the Upper East Side - shocker, I know. Quite frankly, our lives and relationships are nowhere near as dramatic as that in the show. And with that out of the way, please enjoy our photos.



If you’re like me, you love Halloween, and dressing up as an adult is always the cherry on top. Yet, every year I’m always stumped as to what I should wear. I always try to think outside of the box, and go with an option that I won’t see 100x in one night. Cheers to being the 1 millionth mermaid, cat or unicorn on Halloween. These iconic Blair and Serena outfits are easy to recreate, and clever enough that when you and your bestie are spotted out and about together, it’ll be a no-brainer as to who you both are. The bonus here is, you can easily pull off this look with items in your own closet, or by purchasing a few inexpensive pieces that you can wear on Halloween AND on days other than Halloween. You don’t see many mermaids, cats and unicorns showing up to your basic desk job on November 1st.

So, grab your bestie, your orange and blue dresses and follow me. Actually, I’m not leading you anywhere, it’s just a figure of speech.

To pull off Blair’s look, you will need:
- a blue dress
- a red belt
- neutral colored heels
- your hair pinned up

To pull off Serena’s look, you will need
- an orange dress (even a brightly colored red dress will do)
- a black or neutral colored belt
- neutral colored heels
- a clutch
- your hair down with a headband in

That’s it!

Huge bonus points if one of you have brunette colored hair and the other has blonde. More points if you look like the actresses Leighton Meester and Blake Lively. AND even more bonus points if you are Leighton Meester and Blake Lively.

These outfits are incredibly simple to pull off for Halloween, and you can wear these looks on a day-to-day basis. Talk about a win-win.


So what are you planning on being for Halloween? I would love to know your costume ideas, even if it isn’t Blair and Serena. Send me a comment on IG to let me know!

Photos taken by the one and only Emilie with Emilie Anne Photography.

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Gossip Girl






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