Hello, my name is Haleigh Belle.

- I am a blogger based out of Austin, Texas
- I like to find the beauty in life and simplicity
- I love nature
- I love creativity and creating beautiful, and
     inspirational things
- I’m an inspiring minimalist and vegan
- I believe being sweet and showing kindness go a long
     way, but I also believe humor and laughter can go
     even further
- I’m a lover, believer, dreamer, designer, and a queen
     of cracking jokes and being silly
- For years I’ve wanted to start a blog, and I have dabbled
     here and there, but I finally have come to terms that life
     is too short, therefore I’m diving in head first (insert
     the monkey covering it’s eyes emoji..
- I want to make the world a more beautiful place, and even
     if I don’t succeed, I’m going to die trying and love
     every minute of it
- What you will find here on my blog are my favorite
     outfits, health and wellness tips, beauty tips, travel life,
     and all around lifestyle tips
- I’m trusting my heart, and following it on my
    blogging journey